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“Kellan was professional, punctual, and slayed his set. 100% would book again.”

Mario Abata

Talent Booker (Nectar, High Dive)

Losing my head, lost my mind. Make man wage ware just because he’s alive

Cuz As the walls close in and the demons come out, Imma dance with the devil until the eleventh round

I’m sick of quiet, Let’s start a riot, I’ll Throw my voice like a molotov

Paint the whole town blue, burn it to the street And chain smoke cigarettes until we can’t speak















Last updated August 2023


There is a new Alternative Hip-Hop artist on who is guaranteed to make us all go wild with his seriously infectious and amazing beats – his name – Kellan.


With inspirations from Logic, Mac Miller, Atmosphere, Pretty Lights and Odesza, this perfect blend of Hip Hop and EDM is something that we are ready to hear.


Kellan.’s production […] provides a fun, fresh, and exciting listen throughout. There isn’t a moment where things get stale or boring, as the switching of styles and moods happens at exactly the right time.

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Short Bio

Kellan is an artist from Seattle who creates a unique blend of rap, pop, and electronic music. His lyrics often explore themes of introspection, mental health, and relationships, and he is known for his honesty and relatable perspective. Being his own producer, he pushes the boundaries of what is possible in hip-hop, electronic, and pop. His fans describe his sound as fresh and original, and he has a reputation for tackling complex subjects in his music while also writing fun, upbeat tracks. Kellan’s innovative music is a welcomed black sheep in the alternative hip-hop genre.

Vinny Vega

The Sultry Soul

A born performer and magnet to the spotlight, Vinny Vega is the hype man and dedicated singer of the band. His four-and-a-half octave range reverberates with reverence striking a chord with every beating heart in the audience. Vega is an accomplished actor starring in pieces from Seattle short films, to improv groups, to international Facebook ad campaigns. Vega has been gracing the stage with his pipes since the 9th grade. Between high school talent shows, church choirs, and Gonzaga University’s a capella group, it’s no mystery why Vega is an astronomical force on the mic.


Jamie Foxx, KYLE, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, jazz hip-hop

Joe Davis

The Riff Reaper

Meet Joe Davis, the six-string shredder and amplified axeman of the group. Whether cranking into overdrive for a solo or rocking the a clean pocket, he adds an extra sonic dimension to the live set you won’t get anywhere else. Davis is a trained classical guitarist, but his background is rooted in the alt-rock sound of the 1990s and early 2000s. A writer and arranger, Davis is inspired by 1970s classic rock and soul music. Armed with a 10-piece pedal and the dexterity of Mavis Beacon, we’re required to provide a legal disclaimer for any concert-goers: when Joe hits the stage, we are not liable for any face-melting his Gibson may cause.


Neil Young, John Frusciante, Al Green, Tom Petty, Prince, Tool, Nirvana

Walker Janelle

The Godfather of Groove

Walker Janelle is as rich with rhythm as he is with diversity in the Seattle music scene. In addition to hip-hop, he plays and slays in several other groups featuring indie, rock, and pop music. Janelle rocks a hybrid set featuring both the classic acoustic drum kit and the Roland SPX-SX to trigger live 808-inspired samples. His passion for music ignited during the post-grunge and pop-punk era of the early 2000s, but was later refined as he gravitated towards classic funk and souls jams of the 20th century.  With his diverse musical background and dedication to his craft, Walker Jannelle is the both the backbone and backbeat of Kellan’s live performance.


Tre Cool, Travis Barker, John Freese, Nirvana, James Brown, Galactic, The New Mastersounds, The Meters