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Dead Line Telephones

About Kellan.

Born in the rain-drenched streets of Seattle, Kellan (stylized “Kellan.”) is a genre-defying music artist blending rap, indie pop, and electronic music. His lyrics cut deep, exploring introspection and raw emotion, set against catchy, unforgettable melodies. As a rapper, singer, and producer, Kellan crafts anthemic tracks like “Walk How You Cruise,” championing authenticity and resilience.

His performances include a live band that amplifies his energy and captivates venues such as Capitol Hill Block Party and Nectar Lounge with his signature keytar and live sampling. Kellan isn’t just on the rise in the northwest music arena; he’s crafting a revolution, one electric note at a time.

Latest EP


Featuring the songs “Free Girl (Feat. Matthew Vergara” and “AWOL”.


Black crew neck t-shirt with a small pocket-sized graphic on the chest. The graphic is a stylized white design of a minimalist doodle face with a mouth slightly open feigning a smile with glazed over eyes.

Smile More Pocket Shirt


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Black tank top featuring a white graphic of a skull with glasses and a crown. The crown has text that reads 'DEAD LINE TELEPHONE'. Below the skull, the name 'KELLAN' is printed.

Dead Line Telephones T-Shirt


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Black t-shirt with the phrase 'Better in the Summer' in stylized white script with radiating lines around the text to emphasize a sunny effect. Below the phrase, the name 'KELLAN' is printed in a smaller font.

Better in the Summer T-Shirt


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No shows announced at this time



April 6th @ 8:00PM

Nectar Lounge

Seattle, WA

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